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Mariela Regalado, Dominican Author, Dominican Writer, Dominicana
"A One Woman Show "

Update 2020: 

Mariela is currently workshopping and revising her play. She is also applying to grants and funding in order to bring it to a new audience and cover production costs. 


Audience Members have described "Dear Future" as: 

"Raw and Compelling! The level of emotion Mariela exudes makes the play flow seamlessly. I look forward to seeing her on Broadway!!- E.Martinez" 

"Mariela made me smile, laugh, cry, all kinds of feels! Reminded me of a John Leguizamo Show but Dominican Style!- S. Gonzalez" 

"She elevated her identity to extents that will transcend women who think their story doesn't matter...-G. Porras" 

"As a man it made me feel super uncomfortable. But thats the goal for good Art! It moved me, made me ask questions. So powerful!- A.Pena"


"I related to this show so much! It was scary, it felt like I was looking at myself.-M. Caba" 


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