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My designs are inspired by the faceless dolls of the Dominican Republic created by Liliana Mera Limé in 1981. They were faceless because she wanted to portray the Dominican Republic as a country rich mix of people from all over the world. They reflect the diversity of Dominican women. Traditionally, these dolls are holding fruits, flowers, and baskets. I wanted these dolls to evolve the same way Dominican women have all these years. That is why they are holding symbolic cultural or modern things. Their hairstyles are also different.

In 2017, I started my Consulting LLC to provide college and career counseling to students in Brooklyn to Baltimore, from Australia to Dominican Republic. I used the dolls as my logo on invoices, my website and more. I then thought "Hey! These would look awesome on a t-shirt!" I told a friend of mine this idea to which they replied "Thats wack..." and continued on with whatever they were doing. But there words stuck with me. And I convinced myself that they were right! Years went by and the same exhilitaring feeling I had when creating these dolls came back! I felt like I was struck by lightning and used this sudden burst of productivity to my advantage. I remembered my goal to encompass my culture, identity and my passion(s). Creating this logo was exhilarating because I knew it would evolve with me and it would represent something for people like me. Join us in this next chapter, and see how the Muñecas sin cara will continue being my vehicle for change, education, and philanthropy. Once you find yours, listen to the voice that encourages you, that helps you when you need it, and always remember that you are a CREATOR and your own DREAMCATCHER.

Tip: Follow Your Dreams

Once I had my logos and other images I wanted to make shirts and other items out of them. But the words "wack" took a permanent home in my head and I listened to that. For years I didn't do anything, but then I started small. Some stickers, then bookmarks, then shirts and then hats. At first it was always for friends and family. They are my cheerleaders and walking billboards then more and more folks started asking. Those small steps make up the journey. #BeYourOwnDreamcatcher


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